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Sell Your Home Fast and for More Money

Few things are so remarkable as to command an audience without marketing and advertising. Simple steps and fixes can make a big difference in the value you may receive for your home.

Fully preparing your home for sale can make a considerable difference in the time it takes to sell it.

You can help eliminate buyer objections before they arise, by making necessary repairs and improvements.

Find out the secrets that will make buyers clamor for your home!

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Services to Sellers:

As a Seller’s Representative (aka Listing Agent), I represent and work for you, in the sale of your property. My job is to:

  • Provide you with FREE Market Analysis of your property.
  • Give you maximum Internet exposure.
  • Supply you with an effective marketing strategy that achieves results!
  • Assist you in preparing your home to sell, get it into escrow, and close escrow (sale of your property) within the fastest amount of time, least amount of headaches and hassles, and most amount of money possible!!
  • Give you a marketing plan tailored to maximize the exposure of your property. Every property is unique, and so is its marketing plan. However, every plan will have these ingredients:
    1) Network marketing through other real estate agents.
    2) Word-of-mouth marketing through my Sphere of Influence and database of Buyers waiting for the right property to come on the market.
    3) Target marketing: Creative and unique to this niche market.

In summary, create a win-win situation is my ultimate goal … to get the most $ for your property in the least amount of time with the minimum headache during the selling process!!

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